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Outdoor Bar in Georgetown

Breezy Beverages, Waterfront Views

Welcome to The Dockside Bar at The George, an idyllic outdoor haven nestled by the marina, where casual charm meets culinary excellence. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere as you enjoy the waterfront breeze. Savor a beverage from our full bar or delight in a refreshing variety of raw bar items, invigorating soups, crisp salads, and enticing small plates—all expertly crafted by The Independent's culinary team. Our outdoor bar in Georgetown is a casual escape with a touch of sophistication, inviting you to relish the best of coastal flavors against the picturesque backdrop of the marina.

Hours of Operation

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Discover the dockside bar, tucked away at the rear of The George Hotel, a hidden gem where casual sophistication meets bayfront bliss. This exclusive open-air haven captures the essence of coastal living with its panoramic views of the bay, creating a backdrop that's as refreshing as the drinks served. Immerse yourself in the gentle breeze as you relax in our totally open-air setting, a perfect fusion of relaxation and natural beauty. Unwind by the fire pit, where the warm glow complements the cool bayfront ambiance. It's not just a bar; it's an escape—a place where every sip and every moment is framed by the beauty of the bay.